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Meet Shayenne



(Natalia Pylypchuk , born January 3, 1993) a Ukrainian singer and song writer.


House, Deep House, Techno, R'N'B. Soul and Pop.

Natasha is no stranger to the BIG stage. She is an experienced International Singer/Songwriter.  Performing in Cyprus (2015), Turkey, China (2015-2019), Hong Kong, and Dubai (2020). Now she continues her inspirational world wide journey bring her beautiful music to the US. 


Natasha singing career includes collaborating with DJ's and Sound producers all over the world creating her original sound and songs.


She took a part as a singer in 2 popular Karaoke-video Apps, which is top rated on the App Store.

Show for Artists
Show for Beauty Pageant
Show for Artists
TV show
MOMENT night club performance
Club Show
Show for Electronic devices
Dress Show - Feel the light
Recording in the studio
Show for Construction Company
Show at W hotel
Male Modeling Show
Club Performance
Show for BMW
Live performance at W hotel
Night Club Show
Stadium Show

Natasha Shayenne's Journey

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